Description: Huffington Post is an American online news aggregator and blog. The app offers news, blogs, and original content.

Challenge: Huff post mobile app lacks customization. Users can not sign-up and customize their feed, settings or read-time. The app is not personalized for each user unlike some competitors.

Mission: Create a more comfortable, faster and customizable Huff post app

Role: I worked in a team of 3. We divided the project equally and worked on each phase together. We each develop one persona and their user flows. I then developed the wireframes for my user and tested the mock-up and iterated.



We first analyzed the huff post app, then did a competitive comparative analysis and looked at mobile handling research. We then conducted a survey and interviews. The info-graphics below show the data compiled from all the surveys.



After conducting surveys, interviews and analyzing Huff post social media, we identified 3 main personas:


We analyzed the current Huff post sitemap and added a "Customize feed" section when you sign-up.

User Flows:

We created 3 user flows to show theirs needs while using the Huff post app. We simplified the navigation to make the app more user-friendly



All my designs always start with sketches. For this project I started sketching the "customization" part for when the user signs-up into the app. I then tested the wireframes and noted the users feedback to make the changes needed in the mid-fi wireframes.

A/B Testing:

.While creating the mid-fi wireframes I conducted several A/B testing to identify the most "user-friendly" designs.

Mid-fi Wireframes:

Customizing your feed:

Topics are deleted instead of added. As the user deletes the topics new ones appear in a fun way till they get their desired topics.

A new feature we added into the customization part is humor. You can tell the app what kind of humor you like, and the app will interact with you in that humorous way


User can interact with the interface and click in the different buttons to learn all the new features